ok- I know


Late again. In my defence I have been somewhat occupied with the impending leaving party.

The one I was not going to have, except I rather like the people I work with so it would seem

churlish not to mark the occasion . Few beers, a laugh, the odd tear. I can’t imagine what it

will feel like not to be a nurse. I began my training aged 18 and have laughed, cried and sworn

my way through 37 years.  What does the future hold?


Is it really 2015? Early Retirement looms

Well, back for my annual post! At least this time I know where the icon is and can access it. Think I might use this as a way of getting used to the idea of leaving my job. Early retirement has a nice ring to it, the reality can be somewhat different. All about the ‘identity, the identity’ who am I now? I will revisit this page next week.

YEAH RIGHT I hear you say. I will.

A sale is a sale in any language

If I thought the sales were tough in this country what a surprise awaited me in Paris. Just returned from long awaited hols in Nice South of France, fab, more on that later. The French version of a sale goes something like this: you run in, you rugby tackle, keep you foot on the opponents neck, grimace and yank the item you want from their grasp. There is no pretence with our French cousins, no ‘apres vous’ or ‘pardon Madame’ they just wade in with all guns blazing. With this fine teaching I shall approach the winter games/sales in ‘The Toon’ with a whole new attitude. After the sale they will happily drink coffee and make conversation with you. I think I like it.


The lights are too bright for my complexion

A crowded department store on a soggy September afternoon, a hell of bright lights and loud music. I’m tired of seeing my gruesome reflection in the torture chamber {laughingly called the changing room} tired of falling over discarded merchandise but most of all tired of being judged. Usually by a snarling twelve-year-old with hideous painted on eyebrows which shoot to the middle of her forehead whenever a difficult question is asked ie Do you sell ladies shoes? .

 Yes the days of bikinis and skimpy shorts may have gone, however we who are ‘mature like a fine wine’ have usually earned every crease, fold and bulge either through childbirth, hard work, injury or the dreaded Hysterectomy. So, I have decided to share my shopping trips with other mature humans [men are invited to join in] and see if we share a common experience. Next blog will be  ‘the curse of the summer sales’.


I have managed to make my first post my second, I would advise the techno wizards to stop reading now as you will become baffled by my inability to use the latest and greatest technological advances. For the rest of us I will do my best to host and post. I do hope to make ‘online’ friends and share experiences. If not I shall enjoy blogging anyway, except for the page arranging bits, which I always seem to get wrong on the first attempt, then of course there are the font decisions, the colour———